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my name is Dawn Nelson, and I am a Transformational Life Coach. I help clients to master feeling peaceful and calm no matter what challenges they may face in life.

My coaching is based on the Three Principles as discovered by Sydney Banks. Sydney Banks was a Scottish Welder who had an epiphany and uncovered the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. These principles explain

  • Why we can have a different reaction to the same situation on separate occasions.
  • How events from the past and future appear to affect the present time
  • Why we have different responses to the same situation
  • How it is possible for anyone to achieve instant and lasting transformation

The Principles are not taught or learnt in a traditional way, your awareness will evolve through powerful conversations. As your coach, I will use my understanding of the Principles to point you in the right direction. In a similar way to a guide that takes you on safari, the beauty can only be appreciated when seen through your own eyes.

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Meeting Dawn has had a positive impact on my life. I feel like Dawn helped to move from a dark place by introducing me to the principles. I find her positive outlook on life inspirational and I’m looking forward to brighter future.

Flick Banks

I contacted Dawn after taking time off work due to stress. At the time I was finding it hard to sleep and concentrate from racing thoughts. We had some great conversations where she helped me to see the true nature of thought. I was eventually able to slow down my thinking and realised that the things I worry about are only thoughts and not reality.

Sara C

I have worked with Dawn and I am impressed by her ability to make people feel relaxed and accepted. I worked with Dawn whilst going a personal crisis and episodes of self-doubt

I found her to be highly perceptive and intuitive.

Nick Brand

After my 6 weeks of sessions with Dawn, I can say I’m a lot calmer in how I approach situations. One of the things I learnt is to never let anything that anyone else does affect your day, what bothers you doesn’t bother them. I was full of road rage, I am now a lot more relaxed and find that I am actually enjoying driving.